Christmas comes early with Kapish releasing new software versions

We may only be in the first week of December but Kapish are already delivering Christmas presents. Today we are releasing new versions of:

Kapish frequently provides improvements, new features and bug fixes for our integration and add-in software applications.

When Hewlett Packard released HP Records Manager 8.2 there were some handy new features that we wanted to utilise in the Kapish Product Suite so today we are releasing new versions of some of our much loved software applications.

Kapish Easy Link, Folder Wizard, Record Remover and the Office Add-ins all come bursting out of the workshop with shiny new features that we know you are going to love.

If you are planning an upgrading of HPRM or looking to extend the functionality of your Kapish software, then please contact Kapish Support for the new product documents and msi files.

Below is a brief summary of the key new features for each product but if you would like to know more please call us today on (03) 9017 4943.

Happy Records Management!

– Team Kapish



Kapish Easy Link

  • Quickly find by Record Number to create an Easy Link
  • Ability to create links to PDF Rendition
  • Set Easy Links to open in Kapish Explorer (instead of TRIM/RM)
  • HP Records Manager 8.2 Compatibility


Kapish Folder Wizard

  • Copy Notes from Folders and Sub-Folders when Folder Wizard is initiated
  • Ignore specific Locations when copying permissions
  • HP Records Manager 8.2 Compatibility


Kapish Record Remover

  • Ability to delete empty Containers
  • Option to define the order of the Delete Reason List
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications that use Record Number (apps such as Resolve)
  • Option to write the “Other” delete reason to the Record Notes
  • Deletion now occurs with a confirmation with option to cancel
  • HP Records Manager 8.2 Compatibility


Kapish Office Add-ins (Word and Excel)

  • Option to set different relationships on replies
  • Ability to set different containers options on replies
  • HP Records Manager 8.2 Compatibility

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