Voltage Fusion

A cloud Data Security Platform to discover, classify, protect, and govern data to reduce privacy risk.

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The ultimate data management solution

Designed to empower businesses with critical insights, addressing complex data concerns seamlessly.

Leveraging AI-driven automation, Voltage Fusion streamlines data classification, protection, privacy compliance, and monitoring, making data strategy more robust and efficient.  Committed to sustainability, it also champions Green IT by minimising data volume for cloud migration, reducing your carbon footprint.

Prioritise risk reduction

  • Discover sensitive, high value data and mitigate risks proactively.

Global privacy awareness

  • Contextually-aware entity detection for 39+ countries and the latest privacy regulations.


  • Effortless project initiation and auto-scaling on a cloud-based service architecture.

Voltage Fusion Use Cases Solutions ideal for:


  • Reduce ROT data, save storage costs, control data, and reduce carbon footprint.

Risk Assessment

  • Gain insights into data risk value and protection level for sensitive information, enabling audit, legal compliance, and regulatory response.

Privacy Readiness

  • Become privacy compliant with PII detection and respond to DSARs efficiently.

Data Protection

  • Protect data in use and enable secure information sharing without sacrificing collaboration or data usability.

Data Management in Place

  • Apply data management actions on sensitive files without needing to move or copy the data from its source.

Public Cloud

  • Deploy securely in public cloud and support workloads on premises and in cloud repositories.

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