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Make processes central to your business


Understand, improve, and transform your business processes and drive operational change

Make processes central to your business 

With our SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, organisations can understand, proactively manage and optimise their business processes to achieve the agility needed for successful change.

What process-centric companies achieve?

The end-to-end perspective of your business processes provided by the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite helps you to realise transformations in an agile and holistic way. With SAP Signavio solutions you can perform process analysis and mining, model your processes and journeys, establish governance, and automate execution.

By combining all these capabilities, you’re on your way to a resilient and sustainable business and can change the way everyone in organizations thinks about processes for the better.

Align across the entire organisation

  • Involve all stakeholders in the design of your to-be state. Get buy-in on improvement proposals. Establish process frameworks. Train your teams.
  • Model, govern, share, and collaborate on processes, actions and beyond with an all-in-one solution.

Reduce time to insight

  • Discover how you operate today and leverage your data to locate and evaluate process improvements potential based on simulation of alternative scenarios.
  • Benchmark across business units, systems, and subsidiaries to Identify improvement potential based on problems and inconsistencies in process execution.

Bring experience and process excellence together

  • Combine outside-in and inside-out perspectives to translate customer, supplier, and employee experience to your operational reality.
  • Use experience analytics and combine with operational data to understand how your products and services are perceived.

Increase agility and reduce time to action

  • Build a process improvement mindset and a collaborative mindshare on future process transformation. Build resilience into your processes.
  • Identify and execute improvement opportunities with delivered configurations, metrics, and tailored recommendations.

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