Change to time-based support for HPRM increases consumer confidence

Hewlett Packard has announced changes to its HP Records Manager (HPRM) end of life process. The end of life arrangements have changed to a time-based end of life process as of version 8.3x. The time-based process provides certainty for users with respect to product support.

Here are the key changes to HPRM’s time-based end of life process:

Committed support

Full support is available for a minimum of three years from the release date to the general public.

Extended support

Two additional years of support are offered for products that have reached the end of their committed support life.

Self-help support

A minimum of four further years of self-help support with rights to new versions is available for the above products where a new version is available under support.


If HP discontinues a product, and no new versions are available under support, HP will provide an additional five years from the product’s last release date to the general public.

The time-based process applies to all versions of HPRM from version 8.3x onwards. The time-based process will deliver the key benefits to all users:

Easier upgrade planning

It will be easy to identify how long a product will be subject to support.


If you can’t complete a product update within the first ‘committed support’ time, there are numerous extensions to the support lifespan of HPRM.

Investment protection

Investing in HPRM is a choice you can make with confidence. All products will be supported for at least five years from the release date, even if the product is discontinued.

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