Expert advice and support for Content Manager and Kapish Productivity Suite


Kapish premium support packages

Our expert teams provide advice and timely assistance for Content Manager and our Kapish Productivity Suite. We offer free front-line support as part of the Content Manager licence through Kapish, as well as standalone support packages that give you access to extensive knowledge and prioritised support services.

Support Packages

  • Our support packages are designed to suit organisations of all sizes and are scaled to meet different service levels. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Custom, and Managed Services support levels provide flexibility and confidence in our service commitments.

Support benefits

  • Our support packages guarantee that a team of experts supports you. The benefits you receive include fast-tracked support assistance, environment-specific advice and release notifications, lower consulting rates and no-cost consulting hours.


  • Our team has years of experience implementing Content Manager in greenfield organisations, as well as migrating existing EDRMS to a new Content Manager solution.

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