Kapish eLearning

Knowledge for Content Manager success

Access expert Content Manager knowledge from anywhere, at any time

Kapish eLearning provides users with the knowledge to overcome the everyday challenges associated with managing business information. Catering to all levels of Content Manager users, Kapish eLearning introduces new users to information management principles and covers the basic features of Content Manager.

Our flexible eLearning solutions cover multiple Content Manager versions and interfaces, allows users to select the right eLearning content for their needs, their pace, and upskill from anywhere, at any time

For Organisations

  • Subscription or Perpetual License
  • Hosted Cloud Learning System as part of a subscription
  • SCORM files provided for self-hosted
  • Small group Access Passes

For Individuals

  • Individual Access Pass available
  • All inclusive Content Manager course covering information management essentials
  • Upskill for your future employment opportunities


  • Modern look and feel
  • Interactive user activities
  • Self paced learning
  • Multiple Content Manager versions available

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Tech Talk

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Operating System

Hosted - Cloud Based
Self-hosted - SCORM files provided


Up to Content Manager V10


Upload into your CLS or opt for Hosted option

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