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Apptio helps connect technology investments to business outcomes

ApptioOne unifies financial and operational data into a unified model built on the industry-standard taxonomy of cost categorisation. Utilising sophisticated allocation rules along with focused metrics and KPIs, we enable organisations to answer the most strategic questions about investments and accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes. By explaining investments and variance to plan more quickly to constituencies and executive management, organisations can uncover opportunities to optimise cost structures, reduce risk, and accelerate growth.

Establish ITFM fundamentals

  • ITFM with spreadsheets or BI tools is not built for speed or organised with a business context to surgically adjust technology investments in real-time. Automating the ingestion and structuring of financial and operational data into an industry-standard cost model enables teams to uncover insights and answer ad hoc questions in minutes, not days or weeks.

Identify optimization opportunities

  • We’re focused on the future with our cloud-hosted information management and governance platform, Citadel IX. This global, industry-first platform sees Kapish continue to provide cost-effective, future-proof Content Manager solutions for our customers.

Accelerate forecasting cycles

  • Slow forecasting processes prevent quick reallocations of resources to high ROI investments. Shifting funds where needed while maintaining low variance from plan delivers financial agility and accelerates growth investments.

Get a complete picture of project TCO

  • Siloed planning and management systems make it challenging to measure project and investment costs and identify opportunities. Gauge the overall impact of operational spend and gain a deeper understanding of project costs and their impact on current and future budgets. Plan expenses and resources, designate integrated build and run costs, and customise reports and analytics.

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White Paper - Integrate IT Financial Management and Enterprise Architecture

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