New Features of Kapish Explorer

We are excited to introduce the latest update to Kapish Explorer, version 6.04.0000. This update brings a fresh new look and enhances functionality to improve your experience.

Kapish Explorer seamlessly integrates with Content Manager, providing a user-friendly interface similar to Windows Explorer. This tool helps organisations manage information efficiently, ensuring compliance with governance, security protocols, and record keeping requirements. With Kapish Explorer, capturing data is easy, user permissions are secure, and data migration is effortless, making it an essential tool for maintaining organised and secure information management systems.

Enhanced Search and Menu Options

  • These are now accessible via right-click on any screen in Windows 11, making navigation and information retrieval more intuitive.

Bug Fixes and Performance

  • We’ve addressed various bugs to ensure smoother and more reliable performance.

Why you need Kapish Explorer

In today’s data driven world, efficient information management is crucial for business success. Kapish Explorer simplifies this process, providing a reliable and intuitive platform for Information and Data Management. By integrating seamlessly with Content Manager, it ensures that all your business information is organised, secure, and easily accessible.

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