Kapish Search Cloud

Cloud-based, cognitive enterprise search as a service, powered by OpenText IDOL


Unstructured Data Analytics... at the click of a button.

Kapish Search Cloud is an advanced search, knowledge discovery, and analytics platform. Leveraging AI and machine learning to delvier key insights stored deep within your unstructured data with analytics across text, audio, surveillance, video, and images.

AI Text Analytics

Use natural language processing, optical character recognition (OCR), and other AI-powered models to understand tone, sentiment, and public opinion to analyze text data.

  • Protect against classified data release.
  • Interpret and classify unstructured documents automatically at scale.

AI Audio Analytics

Use AI to convert audio files into actionable analytics to gain real business intelligence. Natural language processing gives you true-to-conversation text files.

  • Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • Audio Classification
  • Speaker and Language Identification
  • Event Detection

AI Surveillance Analytics

Automatically monitor thousands of CCTV cameras in real time or retrospectively. Tag video, send alerts, review, and distribute to interested parties.

  • Facial Detection
  • Event Analysis
  • License Plate Recognition

AI Video Analytics

Increase insights from data in video files by using AI to automatically detect, analyze, and interpret activity in real time. Works with classifications of object such as people, cars, and license plates within image and video feeds in real time.

  • Image Classification
  • Logo and Facial Detection

AI Image Analytics

Automate the processing and analysis of image files, OCR, object detection, image classification, object recognition, and other unstructured data.

  • Detect people, faces, demographics, and clothing.
  • Understand objects, vehicles, and scenes in new ways.

Data Access and Connectors

Access and search over 160 repository sources and over 1,900 file types to ingest, view, scan, classify, and tag personally identifiable information.

  • Quickly access the data you need.
  • Easily ingest data from multiple sources.

Kapish Search Cloud, powered by OpenText IDOL


Improved Efficiency

Easier access to resources, with fast and accurate search results, leading to time savings. Scalable architecture that will grow with your increasing digital needs


Kapish Search Cloud continually evolves to meet increasing cyber risk and regulatory needs. With flexible deployment options, we support more than 200,000 users globally.

Comprehensive Coverage

Connect to over 200 different data repositories to improve enterprise search and data analytics, effectively indexing a wide range of content types.

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