Convert HPE RM documents to PDF in a click!

Ever wanted a simple way to create a PDF revision of a document? Or perhaps just send a document as a PDF in an email? Kapish has the solution…….the Kapish PDF Wizard!

Designed to save you time, the Kapish PDF Wizard can convert various file formats to PDF with a simple click! Gone are the days of fiddling around trying add a PDF revision to a document manually, simply select ‘New PDF Revision’ and ta-da the new PDF revision is created like magic. The Kapish PDF Wizard can also attach a Long Term Storage PDF as a Rendition and attach a document as a PDF to a new email message using your native mail client for easy distribution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Converts documents and images to PDF as a new Revision
  • Creates Long Term Storage PDF Renditions
  • Sends documents as a PDF via Email
  • Simple and intuitive for users
  • Supports multiple file formats including;
         – Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
         – Microsoft Visio
         – Microsoft Project
         – Images (PSD, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG)
  • Minimal set up required
  • Integrates with Kapish Explorer

If you’re looking at ways to save time, you cannot go past the Kapish PDF Wizard… check it out today!

For more information on how the Kapish Product Suite could help your business, contact us.

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