Content Manager task automation.

Kapish AutoMate processes and automates repetitive HPE RM tasks. It is a modular service for HPE RM task automation that is easy to install & maintain, all while reducing errors and increasing efficiencies.

Kapish AutoMate automatically processes specific tasks – what Kapish AutoMate does or the actions it performs, depends on the modules you install.

Content Manager task automation with Kapish AutoMate can perform file conversions, send email reminders and notifications, create HPE RM folders and add renditions to records, just to name a few. As more modules are released watch your business grow in efficiency. The first release of Kapish AutoMate sees four available modules, with many more to come…

Kapish AutoMate = improved efficiencies through business process automation.


Current modules available with Kapish Automate:


Sends automatic email notifications when selected system events occur within HPE RM. Out-of-the-box notifications:

  • Notify users of records left checked out longer than a specified duration.
  • Notify all members when a workflow task is assigned to a Position.

Custom Notifications can also be developed by Kapish to suit your specific business requirements.


Personal Workspace

Similar to a personal network drive but within HPE RM. Giving users the feeling of a network drive while complying with HPE RM standards.


Network File Capture

A bidirectional module that aligns the document contents of Network Drives and HPE RM, ensuring all your records are captured. The Network File Capture module drives the direction of information flow, to ensure the contents match.


Image Processing

Captures geolocation details and creates thumbnails of HPE RM image files. All this information is made available to users on the individual record providing the ability to showcase image libraries in Kapish Explorer.


Operating System Requirements
  • HP TRIM 7.3 or later (including HP Records Manager) or later installed on the PC
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 SP1 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Server-side configuration
  • The minimum requirements set by your current version of HPE RM
Information for IT Department

Kapish AutoMate is solely a server side application that works with HPE Records Manager (HPE RM) as an automatic task processor that works in conjunction with its modules to carry out specific tasks and actions to improve the user experience with HPE Records Manager (HPE RM).

Software installation is via a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file, installed on a workgroup server, without the need for any client-side deployment.


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