Hotfix for HP RM 8.1

HP has recently released an important Hotfix for HP Records Manager 8.1.  HP Records Manager v8.1.1.7760 Hotfix resolves a number of issues, including:

  • Global Settings – Customised User Permissions prevents toolbars from loading and Get Global function.
  • Browse Via Classifications – Access Controls are not restricting Users from viewing Classifications.
  • Access Control Copy Style – Copy to Item behaves as Referenced in Copy Style.
  • Outlook Integration – Date Created on the Record Entry Form is incorrect.
  • Configuration – Numbers are added to the frame_admin_nnn.cfg file at each change, increasing the path name above the Windows maximum of 255 characters resulting in a Windows error.
  • Search – Any Word Record Search – Performs slowly against large Oracle databases.

If your HP Records Manager system is affected by any of the issues listed and you would like assistance with the implementation, please contact our Support Team [email protected] who will be happy to help.


IMPORTANT: Hotfixes should be tested in a Non-Production Environment before committing it to a Production Environment. If you need help or are considering an upgrade, talk to the experts at Kapish – Contact Us.

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