Micro Focus Realize 2019 Event Debrief

We hope you all enjoyed your Realize 2019 experience, if you were lucky enough to attend. If not, here is what you missed!

Kapish and The Citadel Group were proud Sponsors of Micro Focus Realize 2019. It was great to see so many business leaders and information professionals in the one space, learning how to solve complex information management problems and discussing how to deliver projects more effectively and successfully.


Key Learnings

As expected, there were many valuable takeaways from this year. Here are a few key themes that resonated with us:

Better value from IT investments was a valuable message throughout the event. Leveraging IT to improve customer service, insights and productivity and therefore deliver a tangible ROI on IT investments. This is  very attractive topic for organisations with complex information management requirements.

Easy detection of risks and enhancing overall security was another key focus. This included topics such as system led classification and more security automation tools. It was identified that Governance ‘quietly happening in background’ is a key requirement in the current data management space.

Transforming data into the future and having a long term company vision around information management were also overarching themes that were felt throughout all session.


Event Highlight – Citadel Guest Speakers

Stewart Hollingdrake from Citadel presented at Canberra Realize on Citadel Information Exchange (Citadel-IX) secure cloud-based information management solution. An overview of Citadel-IX and the problems it solves was well received by attendees. Citadel’s Information Exchange stores data onto a reliable, secure cloud which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device. On top of this, Citadel-IX offers seamless integration and data assurance to ensure to meet compliance and governance regulations. Being a secure cloud-based option, it also allows clients to save significantly on costly systems and maintenance. 

Then, Stewart also discussed how the Kapish Productivity Suite products fit into the Citadel-IX framework. Citadel-IX offers Content Management and allows seamless adoption of all Kapish productivity products. These products ensure content and records management is simple, effective and intuitive resulting in efficiency and productivity from staff. Stewart also touched on our soon to be re-launched Content Manager On-the-Go Mobile Application (goTRIM) that will ensure records management and governance is possible anytime, anywhere.

Image: What does Citadel-IX offer as a solution?


Client Story – Brisbane City Council

Stewart was also able to speak on behalf of Brisbane City Council (BCC), Australia’s largest City Council. Attendees were given the opportunity to understand the problems BCC were looking to solve and how implementing our solution allowed them to achieve that. 

Brisbane City Council has a cloud-first strategy and migrating Records Management to a Service (SaaS) was a cloud transition priority in 2019. ISO 27001 certification was a fundamental requirement, along with improved functionality to enable employees to manage documents and records more efficientlyThey also required SharePoint integration, Active Directory Synchronisation, Document review, GIS functionality and enhanced Web Client functionality.

Stewart shared how Citadel won the tender with its Azure-based Citadel-IX platform, which also included a migration to CM Version 9.  It was very impactful for attendees to hear that the Citadel-IX solution is now implemented and providing secure access to enterprise information for approximately 7,300 users with 25 TB of data.


Client Story – NSW Office of Sport 

Speaking from a Client’s perspective at Sydney Realize was NSW Office of Sport.  Director of Information and Technology, Ingrid McAlpine, explained that records management within government comes with many complex policy and legislation requirements. With Citadel-IX, NSW Office of Sport were not only able to move to a cloud-based CMS, and see huge cost benefits, they also discovered how this solution improved staff productivity.

Read more about NSW Office of Sport’s shift to the Citadel-IX in this article here.

Cloud-Based Information Management Innovation Award


Award Winning Technology

Congratulations to all of the award winners this year including our very own Citadel, who were presented with the Micro Focus Cloud Award for its secure cloud-based information management solution Citadel-IX. 

Learn more about Citadel-IX here


Key Messages from Kapish at Realize 2019

This year Citadel and Kapish focused on highlighting 3 key products. Citadel-IX, Kapish goTRIM mobile app and Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector.

As discussed above, Citadel Information Exchange (Citadel-IX) was highlighted extensively at the Realize events, including winning the Cloud Innovation Award. In summary, Citadel-IX is a cloud based enterprise information management platform designed to provide customers with a range of products and abilities to simplify their data management. Citadel-IX encompasses Records, Workflows, Collaboration, Content, Productivity (namely the Kapish suite of productivity add-ins) and more. Learn more about Citadel-IX here

goTRIM is a Content Manager on-the-go application that allows staff to be as effective out of the office as they are in. Currently in BETA testing is our goTRIM rebuild application which is ready to be rereleased shortly! This application has been rebuild from the ground up to offer better support for Android users and is ready to grow both in usability and functionality wherever user needs take it. Learn more about goTRIM here

IntelligenceBank Connector – Digital Asset Management is something that is being given more and more priority within organisations. Why would managing your Digital Assets be any less important than securely and efficiently managing other records or information within your organisation. For this reason Kapish also decided to showcase Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector. This product allows an organisation to connect and sync Content Manager with IntelligenceBank and bring  compliance and efficiency to management of your Digital Asset as well. Learn more about IntelligenceBank Connector here.


It doesn’t stop here!

If anything you have read here resonates with the objectives or pain points within your organisation, we are here to help! Realize 2019 proved a great environment for innovative discussions, learnings and forward thinking. If you weren’t able to attend the event (or even if you were) please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.

Call us on +61 3 9017 4943 or contact us here.


Competition Winner!

We are thrilled to announce that Jenny Jones from Moonee Valley City Council was the Winner of our Realize Competition this year.


Special Thanks to:

Micro Focus

NSW Office of Sport

Kapish and Citadel Team

Moonee Valley City Council – Competition Winners

All Competition Entrants, Event Attendees and those who specifically stopped by the Kapish stand.


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