Can I Have Both a Mobile and Records-Compliant Workforce?

As a proud provider of information management solutions, specialising in Micro Focus Content Manager, we at Kapish are constantly listening to our customers and looking for new ways to add value to their Content Manager investment. Recently, we’ve been looking at popular behaviours and trends, recognising the growing need for mobility to enable productivity.

Mobility is a reality in the modern workplace. Today, roles involve remote or offsite-working, long commutes, offsite events and other geographical factors. Employees cannot be in the office or ‘connected’ at all times. Some organisations even offer flexible working incentives to promote employee satisfaction. The question remains, must an organisation sacrifice productivity in roles that call for mobility? The answer is, no! Never.

There has been rapid growth in technology solutions to support the growing mobile workforce. The idea that an organisation’s productivity must suffer at the hands of employee mobility or flexibility is obsolete. Kapish goTRIM is a mobile application that offers information mobility to organisations using Micro Focus Content Manager. Mobile applications can provide an instant capability boost to employees whose roles are remote, in the field or otherwise ‘on-the-go’. Technology such as goTRIM is essential in ensuring that productivity isn’t a trade-off for mobility in today’s environment.

What are the facts?

Forbes found that 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important to their enterprises. This shows that the benefits of empowering employees through mobile technology is recognised all the way through to the C-suite of modern organisations.

In some organisations, use of mobile technology is driven by employee satisfaction. 51% of employees wish their company offered more flexible work options [Forbes]. In others, it is driven by employee necessity.

With organisations wanting to offer flexibility, and employees wanting to have it, embracing the tools to create this benefit is vital. Mobile technology is increasing productivity, allowing organisations to ‘have their cake and eat it too’. Workforce mobility complements productivity.

What solutions already exist to allow mobility to compliment productivity?

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Kapish goTRIM was created as a solution to the needs of the modern workplace and today’s employees. 19 organisations and over 1300 users are currently using goTRIM to securely access Content Manager records via their mobile or tablet. GoTRIM offers secure, fast access to Micro Focus Content Manager. Employees can view, edit and send documents, annotate PDFs, and edit MS Office documents on mobile and tablet devices. Fast, secure and anywhere.

Secure access to enterprise information outside of the office gives remote and field workers in particular, the ability to increase productivity. For most of the Public and Private Sector, access to Content Manager anytime, anywhere, whilst maintaining information security and compliance, is a game changer.

If the majority of CEOs agree mobile technology is important to enterprise strategy, why do 59% of employees say their organisation has been too slow at delivering applications for the workforce [Digital Strategy Consulting]? Mobile technology is allowing employees to embrace mobility whilst achieving an increase productivity. Has your organisation taken action to use mobile technology to support mobility and productivity?

Kapish goTRIM

The next generation of Kapish goTRIM will showcase the application rebuilt from the ground up. Relaunched and fully supported on a new platform improves Kapish’s ability to support the growth of the app’s functionality and security into the future. GoTRIM allows employees to be just as productive outside of the office as they are in, and the new release allows the app and it’s functionality to grow with user needs.

Available on Android and iOS Devices. Find out more here.

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