Good things come in 3’s

We all know that good things come in 3’s, and today we are happy to announce the release of 3 new software updates in the Kapish Product Suite. We have new versions of:

  1. Kapish Easy Link
  2. Kapish Folder Wizard
  3. Kapish Record Remover


1. Kapish Easy Link 3.4

Supports Workflow, Activity & Action Links

Kapish Easy Link has always been great at creating hyperlinks directly to documents in Records Manager and Content Manager. Now this has been extended to enable users to create links to Workflows, Activities and Actions.

Previously, there was no way to tell Easy Link that you wanted to create a link to these elements in Records Manager. Kapish Easy Link 3.4 opens up the entire area of Workflows, Activities and Actions making it easier than ever to link to your content.

Kapish Easy Link 3.4 - create Workflow Links

Image 1 – Create Workflow links in Kapish Easy Link 3.4

Kapish Easy Link 3.4 - create Action Links

Image 2 – Kapish Easy Link 3.4 introduces Action links


Allows you to Build Your Own Link

Think yourself as a bit of a wiz with the code and wish you could type in the syntax to create your own complex links? If yes, then get excited because Kapish Easy Link 3.4 allows you to “Build Your Own” link.

A lot of customers said they had begun to learn to compile the links themselves and wish there was a place to create these quickly and easily. So you ask and we deliver… let me show you “Link Builder”.

Kapish Easy Link 3.4 - Link Builder Window

Image 3 – Kapish Easy Link 3.4 allows you to Build Your Own Link


Interested in seeing all these little beauties in action? Then ensure you complete your details below to sign up for the FREE 30 day trial. Once you submit your details, one of the Kapish Consultants will contact you to arrange a time to get you started with the product.


2. Kapish Folder Wizard 3.5

Directed to Newly Replicated Structures After Creation

You asked and now it has arrived in Kapish Folder Wizard version 3.5. When replicating a folder structure, you can be taken directly to the new structure automatically after it is created. You can replicate either an existing record structure or a structure created by Kapish Folder Wizard, then once the structure is magically replicated you have the option to be directed to the new folder structure or stay with the original.

Previously, Folder Wizard notified you that the structure had been replicated and provided the Record Number but the focus stayed on the record structure you were originally on. Now you can decide after replication to stay on the original or be automatically taken to the new structure.

Kapish Folder Wizard 3.5 - Replicate Message

Image 4 – Kapish Folder Wizard 3.5 allows you to navigate to a newly replicated folder structure


Additional Updates

HPE Content Manager 9.1 is now officially supported in Kapish Folder Wizard 3.5. Customers should always consult the Software Compatibility Matrix before ever upgrading to ensure full functionality and support is available for your software version.

Kapish Folder Wizard 3.5 has been updated to ensure the appropriate system name, either HP Records Manager or HPE Content Manager is correctly displayed depending on which version your organisation is currently using to provide consistency for your users.

Would you like to find out more about Kapish Folder Wizard or arrange a demo? Interested in our FREE 30 day trial? Contact Kapish today or phone (03) 9017 4943.


3. Kapish Record Remover 1.6

Supports HPE Content Manager 9.1

Kapish Record Remover 1.6 now officially supports HPE Content Manager 9.1. Before upgrading customers should always consult the Software Compatibility Matrix to ensure correct functionality and support of the environment before upgrading.

Enhanced User Interface

The User Interface in Kapish Record Remover 1.6 has been updated to accommodate the appropriate version of Records Manager / Content Manager. This ensures users experience a consistent and accurate encounter with the application to further enhance user engagement. Enhancements include window dialog boxes set to resize automatically and maintain appropriate ratio constraints, as well as referencing the system with the relevant product name.

If you would like to find out more about Kapish Record Remover, or contact the Kapish team to arrange your FREE 30 day trial.


New Software Updates

Please Note: New Features and Enhancements are available to existing Kapish Customers on current software maintenance agreements. If you want to utilise the new functionality please download the latest software from . You will need to use your customer login details to access your Kapish licensed software. Kapish recommend you always consult the Software Compatibility Matrix before undertaking any upgrade and that you first test in a non-production environment.


We Want to Hear From You

At Kapish we are always trying to improve our product offerings to ensure our software makes user’s lives easier. So we would love to hear from you! Do you have a fantastic idea for a new feature in one of the Kapish Software Products? Have you always wished you could just do something a little different in Records Manager/Content Manager?

If so, drop the Kapish Products Team an email at [email protected] with your suggestions, enhancement requests and ideas so together we can make the Kapish Product Suite better.


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