Get the inside line on what’s new in HPRM 8.3

HPE transport with element

This month saw the release of the next incarnation of HP Records Manager, version 8.3. Not long since the last release of version 8.2, I wasn’t expecting that much with this release, but to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. So join me now to take a closer look at some of the standout features of HPE Records Manager 8.3.

When you install HPE Records Manager 8.3 it is very obvious from the get go what the first major change is in this version… Hewlett Packard Enterprise Branding. The new company name is very prominent everywhere in the newly name HPE Records Manager 8.3. Along with the new name comes a new colour scheme to match, with the teally-green of the HPE company logo (referred to as the “element”) being incorporated into the HPE Records Manager Logo and Icons.


While on the topic of the User Interface, the next group of changes are to the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Shortcuts. It is possible to create unique Ribbon Tabs & Groups as well as rename commands to suit your internal naming. It is even possible to hide all the default tabs and display a completely customised tab and group set. Enhancements have been made to the Quick Access toolbar where all HPE Records Manager commands are available for selection.

HPE have listened to customer requests and bought back the ability to customise the Shortcuts pane as in previous versions.


This next enhancement sounds very simple but it is part of our everyday word processing life that is a very welcomed addition to HPE Records Manager 8.3 and that is the red squiggly line under misspelt words. This visual indicator has the right-click options to correct the spelling error, add it to the local dictionary or to ignore.

HPE Records Manager 8.3 sees improvements to Searching and Navigation. Users will be prompted when using Records in Part Series as to which Part Number they wish to use (the Latest Part or an Earlier Closed Part – Permissions Pending). HPE RM 8.3 enables users to navigate directly from Client type records to their related Matter type records. This navigation has been reversed as previously you could only navigate up from the Client Matter to the Client record but now in 8.3 you can navigate down from the Client to the Matters.


Next is a question being asked a lot lately about compatibility? HPE Records Manager 8.3 comes with support for Windows 10 (excluding the Microsoft Edge browser) and Office 2016.


At IGF this year HP said they were going to be focusing a lot of energy on the RM Web Client and HPE Records Manager 8.3 definitely demonstrates that commitment with an abundance of features and enhancements incorporated into this version.

  • Set local time zone to fix problems with daylight savings
  • Tag and Task selected items over multiple pages and apply options from Action menu
  • Configurable Results Size 920, 40, 60, 80 or 100 items / pg) persists for each object type
  • Pagination controls improved to allow moving to specific pages, eg first or last page
  • New Action Option – right-click > New to create New Records, Parts or Versions
  • New Action Option – right-click > Locations to update metadata or apply location changes eg set assignee, home or contacts
  • Support for Advanced Request Features with multiple options for multiple records
  • Enhanced Date/Time pickers with Calendar and Clock type selectors
  • Enhanced Saved Searches with ability to save searches and retrieve from new “Saved Search” menu in left pane
  • Enhanced Document Viewing with the Bypass and Onstream Viewer
  • Enhanced Error and Warning Message that allow you to ignore errors and continue the process
  • Option to add Custom Record Add-ins (e.g. google this record) under the “More” option


There are many more fixes and enhancements in HPE Records Manager 8.3 but these are just some of the highlights that Kapish thought you might like to know about. 

If you are planning a HPE RM upgrade and need assistance, contact Kapish as we are always here to help guide you through a successful upgrade project.

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