Get ready to sit back and AutoMate!

Those mind-numbing, repetitive, simple tasks are often over-looked when we are looking to improve on our business processes. By automating these tasks and processes we are able to achieve a small win with a big impact on driving up efficiencies. So get ready to sit back and AutoMate…

Yesterday we unveiled the newest product in our software suite, which is like no other – Kapish AutoMate. Kapish AutoMate is a central processor that works in conjunction with its modules to carry out specific HP TRIM / HP Records Manager tasks and actions in the background, so users don’t even know it’s there, it just does the work for them.

This is a server-side application that systematically works through designated tasks assigned to it by the individual modules. As such you can selectively procure the modules which suit your needs.  Configure each module, set a schedule, and step away.

It can perform file conversions, send email reminders and notifications, create HP TRIM / HP RM folders and add renditions to records, just to name a few. As more modules are released watch your business grow in efficiency.

Kapish AutoMate = improved efficiencies through business process automation.

There are 4 modules being released with the core application and no minimum requirement on the number of modules you purchase. More modules with new functionality are set to be released in the future, but for the moment have a peek at the ones on offer now:

Notifications Notifications – Sends automatic email notifications when selected system events occur within HP TRIM / HP RM.

• Records left checked out longer than a specified duration
• A workflow task is assigned to a Position

Personal Workspace Personal Workspace – Give a user a personal working area which has capacity limited, automatic closing, and a draft/temporary retention schedule.  AutoMate will notify users when capacity reached and then automatically re-open the folder once items have been removed.
Network File Capture Network File Capture – A bidirectional module that aligns the document contents of Network Drives and HP TRIM / HP RM, ensuring all your records are captured. The Network File Capture module drives the direction of information flow, to ensure the contents match.
Image Processing Image Processing – Captures geolocation details and creates thumbnails of HP TRIM / HP RM image files. All this information is made available to users on the individual record providing the ability to showcase image libraries in Kapish Explorer.


If you want to learn more, head over to the Kapish AutoMate product page or contact us for a demo.

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