We have a new product family member

Kapish is proud to announce the expansion of the Kapish Product Suite for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager. Introducing…  Kapish Web Grid!

Our annual Product Launch held in Melbourne on Wednesday saw the release of this exciting new product, designed to streamline the publishing of HP TRIM / HP RM information to the web.

Developed over the past 12 months, Kapish Web Grid provides a new dynamic way to publish HP TRIM / HP RM records on internet, intranet and SharePoint® web pages.

Kapish Web Grid allows for easy downloading of electronic documents from a grid-style list presented on a web page. Built-in skins provide quick and stylish lists out-of-the-box but there is also the option to completely customise the look and feel of the lists to match your corporate internet / intranet.  You can even search within lists using standard web forms!

If your organisation is looking to publish HP TRIM / HP RM records and documents on the web, then look no further… check out Kapish Web Grid today.

Key Features of Kapish Web Grid

  • View HP TRIM / HP RM documents directly from internet, intranet or SharePoint® sites
  • Display multiple HP TRIM / HP RM Properties in Web Grid lists
  • Use built-in skins to publish lists quickly or customise lists to match your existing sites
  • Search & Filter information within Web Grid lists using HP TRIM / HP RM Properties
  • Use HP TRIM / HP RM security protocols and apply extra security if required to meet organisational needs
  • Publish multiple Web Grid lists on a single web page
  • Full integration with Kapish Easy Link
  • Web Grid is a web application so no need for any client-side deployment

For more information about how Kapish Web Grid works or what it can do for your business, contact us.

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