Kapish Products Provide Full Support for HP RM 8.1

We completed the set today with the release of Kapish Explorer 4.3…  All products in the Kapish Product Suite are now fully HP Records Manager 8.1 compatible!

Kapish Explorer 4.3 boasts some cool new features; we have introduced more overlay icons to help visually identify Related Records and Closed Containers. The right-click menu now allows Record Assignees to be set and assigned; and significant enhancements to Workflow Activities have been incorporated into this release, and much much more.

The Kapish Developers have been working hard since the release of HP RM 8.1 to update and enhance the Kapish Product range and after a huge effort from everyone we are excited and proud to have all our software compatible with HP Records Manager 8.1 (HP RM 8.1).

As consumer confidence grows with HP Records Manager 8.1, we are receiving a lot of requests for upgrade proposals, so it was imperative that the Kapish Product Suite not only functioned in this environment, but can take advantage of the changes that HP RM 8.1 brought to the business.

All of our existing software customers with a current maintenance agreement are entitled to upgrade the software for free, so stop reading this and get planning your upgrade project [and remember we’re always here to help if you need it].

As a result of changes to the licence structure in HP Records Manager 8.1, the latest releases of Kapish products will require a new licence key to work with HP Records Manager 8.1.  If you’re considering upgrading to HP Records Manager 8.1, please contact us to arrange for a new licence key for your Kapish product(s).

For more information about the Kapish Product Suite or about planning your upgrade to HP RM 8.1, please Contact Us today.

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