We love custom integrations

This is the first in a series of short case studies we’ll be publishing that highlight some of the unique projects we help our clients with. This month we’ll take a look at one of our favourite topics: custom integrations.

The Problem

A State Government agency had built a custom practitioner management system. The product met their practitioner management requirements, but did not link to other records scattered among various corporate systems throughout the organisation such as their case management system, emails, network drives, other related systems and physical records. This scattering of records throughout the organisation made accessing business records related to a particular practitioner a nightmare.

The Solution

The agency engaged Kapish to implement HP TRIM as the corporate EDRMS to manage unstructured data stored in emails, network drives, other related systems and physical records.  The next stage of the project was for Kapish to develop a custom integration with the practitioner management system to store these records in HP TRIM.  To achieve this we developed a custom web service that the practitioner management system could use to create and retrieve records directly from HP TRIM. This custom web service effectively allowed the practitioner management system to talk directly to HP TRIM and avoid redundant manual processes, while storing all information related to each practitioner in a single repository; HP TRIM.

The Outcome

The outcome of this solution provides the ability to search for all practitioner-related information through a single interface; HP TRIM.  It has also bolstered information security in the organisation and reduced the manual processing required to meet their compliance policies. All document handling, retention and disposition are now handled by HP TRIM, giving them a secure disposition without having to reinvent the wheel.

Here at Kapish we love helping our clients with these challenging situations. Our team live and breathe HP TRIM, so designing custom integrations like this is something we’re both highly-skilled and confident in delivering. If you’ve got a challenging HP TRIM problem, get in contact; we’d love to chat.

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