HP Releases HPRM8.2 – take a look inside with Kapish

HP release HPRM 8.2, the second major update to HP Records Manager 8. The new version brings several new features and design tweaks to the application that are sure to get your attention.

Want to know what’s new in HPRM 8.2?

This is what we found when we took a look under the bonnet of HPRM 8.2.

Along with a list of exciting new technical features, HPRM 8.2 has a heavy focus on the end user with UI improvements, in the form of an updated toolbar in the style of Microsoft Office Ribbon. This new toolbar ribbon has been incorporated into all Records Manager clients – the main HPRM client, HPRM Desktop and even HPRM Enterprise Studio.

There are also several new style themes that can be applied to resemble the options in Office 2007 (Blue, Black, Silver, Aqua) that have a rounded look with elevated buttons and shadows. The default style theme, “Standard” uses the flat design.

Sure to make a few punters happy is the introduction of the “Renditions” tab in the View Pane. Giving the User quick access to Preview the actual record and the Rendition contents both in the View Pane and the option to flick between the two very easily.

For the completists out there, here’s the list of everything worth mentioning about this update. Enjoy.

HP Records Manager
  • User Interface – Ribbon toolbars
  • Instant On – User onboarding
  • Workgroup Server Connections via HTTPS
  • Support Work to enable HP Records Manager in the Cloud
  • Additional Security Authentication options for Client Connection access and Dataset access
  • New Patching and Hot fixing Mechanism
  • oneilBridge™ Warehouse Integration
  • Conversion of proprietary email format to EML
  • Improved Audit Logging
  • Updated User Permissions
  • Update to IDOL 10.10  and KeyView 10.24


HP Records Manager Web Client
  • Supports – To Do Items
  • Enhanced Location Functionality
  • Drag and Drop Documents
  • Improved Searching
  • Home Screen Improvements
  • Thin Outlook Integration
  • Thin Office Integration – Templates


HP Records Manager SharePoint Integration
  • Management Rules
  • Search
  • Exposure (Read Only)
  • ADFS Support

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