New Australian Government Pricing for HP Records Manager 8.1+

Following HP’s recent introduction of standard Government pricing for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HPRM) 8.0, HP has today announced new pricing for HPRM 8.1+, including the upcoming HP Records Manager 8.2 release.

The new pricing is available to all State & Local Government agencies and Australian universities.

The pricing applies to customers that have already upgraded to HPRM 8.1+ but does not apply to customers using HP TRIM or HP RM 8.0.  If you are using HP TRIM or HPRM 8.0 please refer to our recent blog post for more information about pricing.


New Australian Government HPRM 8.1+ Pricing

User Type

Migration Edition

(Existing Customers Only)

Base Edition

(New Customers Only)

Document Manager Edition

(New Customers Only)

Advanced Records Manager Edition

(New Customers Only)

Administrator $495 per seat  $495 per seat  $643.50 per seat  $767.25 per seat
Records Coordinator $395 per seat   $395 per seat $513.50 per seat $612.25 per seat
Knowledge Worker $295 per seat   $295 per seat $383.50 per seat  $457.25 per seat
Casual Contributor $155 per seat  $155 per seat $201.50 per seat $240.25 per seat
Inquiry User $95 per seat   $95 per seat  $123.50 per seat $147.25 per seat

*  Prices are in Australian dollars and do not include Annual Maintenance or GST

Terms and conditions:

  1. Minimum license purchase of $15,000 (excluding annual maintenance and GST).
  2. For purchases under $15,000, please contact Kapish using the form below.
  3. Applicable to all State & Local Government agencies and Australian universities.
  4. Subject to change at any time according to HP Big Data, HP Software Australia.
  5. All prices will be subject to review on 1 November 2015.


Please complete the form below and attach a screenshot of your current HP RM licence window (Example) and one of our friendly sales staff will be pleased to assist you with a quote.

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