SaaS Management Platform (SMP)

A fully automated SaaS management solution


Optimise cost and productivity of SaaS Subscriptions

Integration with all leading financial, contract management, and Single Sign-On systems helps you quickly and continuously discover applications, providing visibility into the organisation’s SaaS ecosystem.

Create a complete SaaS inventory with continuous, automated discovery, track usage, manage contracts, right-size licenses, and generate actionable insights to maximize ROI.

Automatically discover SaaS applications

  • Enable automated SaaS discovery through integration with a wide array of enterprise systems
  • Pull SaaS data into LeanIX from any source using Import API
  • Leverage a comprehensive SaaS catalog to discover over 9000+ known SaaS applications
  • Manage your SaaS portfolio more effectively by identifying duplicate licenses and redundant contracts

Track usage and manage spend

  • Get deep insight into usage and spend through integrations with the most common SaaS applications
  • Identify SaaS applications with the highest monthly spend by department and overall
  • Drill down into individual applications to understand utilisation rates
  • Set trigger-based alerts for sudden change in spend and usage

Identify opportunities to optimize your SaaS spend

  • Identify applications of the same category and capabilities to rationalise overlapping applications
  • Sort redundant applications by 30/60/90 day activity and use this information to identify candidates for removal
  • Leverage usage insights to optimize underutilised applications
  • Generate monthly spend reports for individual applications and your entire portfolio

Proactively manage contracts and renewals

  • Centralise all SaaS contracts to create a single source of truth with drill-down capabilities to understand contract terms, value, and number of licenses
  • Create an accurate and in-depth SaaS spend analysis and support the budget planning with Committed spend report
  • Plan ahead with a contract renewal timeline calendar
  • Set alerts for upcoming renewals and proactively align with stakeholders on a negotiation strategy

Determine compliance exposure and mitigate risk

  • Discover and track applications in your SaaS stack to ensure compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and other regulatory requirements
  • Remove security threats, secure access to your data, and eliminate the risk of unauthorised access
  • Track SaaS vendors that comply with your organisation's policies

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