Kapish Pathway Integrator – GENCON Driver has arrived!

Integrations between systems can be tricky. Let’s face it, extracting information from one system to another takes up time we just don’t have. In today’s fast paced world, saving time allows us to focus on the important things.


At Kapish we like to make things simple and effortless for our customers, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your job. That’s why when we were approached by Infor to write the new integration from Pathway to Content Manager on the latest GENCON technology, we jumped at the opportunity. After months in development, today we are pleased to announce the release of the Kapish Pathway Integrator – GENCON Driver.


Designed to take advantage of newer technologies, this integration provides more functionality through its ability to create container for all modules, including classes and types. This means ALL modules such as Animals, Customer Service, Infringements and Contract Management can now have containers created in Content Manager. With the creation of the new containers comes metadata. The new GENCON Driver has wider support for metadata fields including user defined fields, meaning all your important information is being captured in both systems. In addition, there are improved name and address mappings from Pathway to Content Manager locations to ensure they remain accurate between systems. As part of the new improved mappings, there is either an ‘opt in’ or ‘all in’ mode where organisations can choose what locations are created in Content Manager from Pathway (opt in) or have all Pathway locations replicated in Content Manager (all in).


Maybe you need the ability to have on demand updates or perform bulk updates regularly between systems? If so, then the Kapish Pathway Integrator – GENCON Driver has the ability to do both. Imagine changing details of an application container within Pathway and being able to click a button and have the information updated in Content Manager. Well you no longer have to! The new integration provides a republishing option with a simple click of a button in Pathway and the GENCON Driver will pick up the changes and update the corresponding folder in Content Manager. 


As you can see there are a lot of time saving benefits with the new Kapish Pathway Integrator – GENCON Driver and this is only a snippet of what the integration is capable of. With this latest integration Information Management just got a lot easier.


Got questions? Chances are we’ve covered them in our FAQs.


To find out more about this product head over to the Kapish Pathway Integrator product page.


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