Notification: HP Records Manager 8.3x Customers Only

*** This notification applies to existing customers on HP Records Manager 8.3x only ***


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have updated the obsolescence dates for Records Manager 8.3x. Additional licence purchases are still available at this time, however the different levels of support for the product is outlined in the table below. Customers with active support contracts are able to upgrade to the newest version HPE Content Manger 9.1x.

For help with your HP Records Manager upgrade contact Kapish.


HP Records Manager 8.3x Obsolescence Dates

Date Program Activity
December 10, 2015 End of Support Notifications
December 31, 2018 End of (Committed) Support
December 31, 2020 End of Extended Support
December 31, 2024 Self-Help Support with Rights to New Versions (RTNV)

Further information about the obsolescence can be found on the HPE website.

If you need any additional information or want to purchase additional licenses, then call us (03) 9017 4943.

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