Making HP TRIM / HP RM Workflows Work for You

Fed up with altering your business processes to accommodate your system’s behaviour?

Looking to build upon the existing functionality of HP TRIM / HP RM Workflows and get it really working for your organisation?

Here at Kapish we can customise HP TRIM / HP RM to work the way you want to work.

All too often we see clients altering their business processes to cater for how the system operates, meaning increased costs in training, new documentation and generally lots of upheaval. But we believe in making the everyday business process as simple and intuitive as possible so we design and develop custom HP TRIM / HP RM add-ins to do this for you.


A classic example was presented to us recently where a client was using HP TRIM / HP RM Workflows and they wanted to assign activities to Position Locations rather than individual Person Locations. They required email notifications to be sent to all the people who are Members of the assigned Position. Now this is fine if you have group email addresses for each of your Position Locations. However, in this example the client had a large amount of Position Locations and they didn’t want to have to maintain all the necessary email groups as well as having to ensure they are correct in both systems. As a consequence this HP TRIM / HP RM limitation meant that the members of those Positions weren’t being auto-emailed after the activity was assigned or when it became overdue.

So Kapish set to work developing a Custom Workflow Notification add-in…

The utility automatically ran silently in the background looking for Activities assigned to Positions without a group email address attached and would send an email notification to all the Members of that Position, either for new assignments or for an overdue notification.

This simple, yet affective, solution meant that the client could continue to use the system in the manner that they worked most efficiently and didn’t have to change their business process to fit how HP TRIM / HP RM functioned. A small Kapish Custom Development for a big win!

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