Legacy Applications and Systems – are they a necessary evil?

HP RBF Case Study

As our businesses grow and technology improves, we are constantly looking for new innovations and applications to handle our business records and processes.

Due to this ever evolving environment we eventually are faced with the problem of what to do with our Legacy Systems.

Do we continue to sink money into maintaining them (data storage, system specialists, accessibility etc) or do we look at other options to improve our data integrity and reduce our operating costs?

At what point does the cost of migration outweigh maintenance and operating costs?

When faced with the dilemma of paying $400k to maintain a single Legacy System, RBF set about finding not only a cheaper solution but a smarter long-term solution to combine all of their Legacy Systems into a single source of truth. With the help and guidance from Kapish, Retirement Benefit Fund (RBF) embarked on the enormous task of migrating, validating, and retiring 5 extinct Legacy Systems into HP Records Manager. The thought of migrating more than 600k records, 500GBS of data, from 5 defunct legacy systems into a single source of truth might frighten off the best of them but RBF and the Kapish Team relished in the idea and set to work using tools from the Kapish Product Suite in conjunction with a Kapish custom built migration app.

After months of hard work, validating all the different file formats and the magnitude of data, HP have recognised the success of this project and the relationships by publishing a HP Records Manager Case Study – “Data integrity cuts operating costs at RBF”. For insight on how to drive down your operating costs, download the case study here

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