Longing for a simpler work life?

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that really satisfy us and make our working day easier.

Have you found yourself saying “All I want to do is insert the TRIM Record number, why isn’t it possible?” Ta-da… now it is possible with Kapish Word Add-In!

A simple 1-click solution, available right there on the Microsoft Word Toolbar / Ribbon. No more faffing around, opening and closing your document and copying the number from TRIM etc. With Kapish Word Add-In, you simply create your TRIM document in Microsoft Word and then place the cursor where you want the HP TRIM Record Number to go; 1-click and it magically appears.



Kapish Word Add-In has many more helpful and time saving options available such as Template Management, Mail-Merge and Correspondence Automation. Visit our website to see what’s in the latest version of Kapish Word Add-In and how you can simplify your working day.

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What about Excel?

Yep, we’ve got Excel covered as well – check out – Kapish Excel Add-In

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