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Longing for a simpler work life?

By July 24, 2014October 14th, 2020No Comments

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that really satisfy us and make our working day easier.

Have you found yourself saying “All I want to do is insert the TRIM Record number, why isn’t it possible?” Ta-da… now it is possible with Kapish Word Add-In!

A simple 1-click solution, available right there on the Microsoft Word Toolbar / Ribbon. No more faffing around, opening and closing your document and copying the number from TRIM etc. With Kapish Word Add-In, you simply create your TRIM document in Microsoft Word and then place the cursor where you want the HP TRIM Record Number to go; 1-click and it magically appears.



Kapish Word Add-In has many more helpful and time saving options available such as Template Management, Mail-Merge and Correspondence Automation. Visit our website to see what’s in the latest version of Kapish Word Add-In and how you can simplify your working day.

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What about Excel?

Yep, we’ve got Excel covered as well – check out – Kapish Excel Add-In