Is your organisation exposed by hidden data?

If you were asked to find specific documents, how confident are you that you would be able to find them?

DocsCorp recently conducted a data survey on Global Hidden Data, it reported 81% of companies who responded couldn’t find the exact document they were searching for. This was the first-ever global Hidden Data Survey undertaken across the US, APAC and EMEA regions, to see if organisations have effective technology in place to find documents that are non-searchable, image-based documents.

Although 81% of respondents had Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in place to make image-based files text searchable, 81% could not locate the exact file they were searching for all of the time – suggesting that hidden files were not being processed by their OCR tools.


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As part of the audit, electronic records will be singled out if they currently have text content that is unable to be indexed by HPE Content Manager’s document content search. In addition, the audit will identify PDF records that are able to be compressed to reduce their current file size.

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81% of survey respondents have technology to make files searchable, but only 19% say it is completely effective.

DocsCorp President Dean Sappey explains why this might be the case:

“This could be happening because a) the OCR tool they are using is not automated and requires users to OCR files manually before adding them to a DMS – a process that can be easily skipped or forgotten, or b) large volumes of documents have been ingested into the system as part of a merger or acquisition. These documents could also be legacy documents in the system prior to the company acquiring OCR technology. Companies with data that cannot be searched are at risk because they lack a complete picture of the document content they actually have. Often what you don’t know CAN hurt you.”


Additional data from Americas / Asia-Pacific respondents included:

  • 73% perform all or most of their search queries within their document management system (DMS)
  • 70% perform 11-26+ search queries in a single day
  • 11% don’t use OCR to find hidden files but 75% of these respondents would consider purchasing it if they knew hidden files existed in their system

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