Content Manager 23.4: New Features and Enhancements

What’s new with CM Version 23.4

OpenText Content Manager has released version 23.4, bringing several exciting new features and improvements for users. Content Manager 23.4 offers enhanced capabilities to manage business content effectively throughout its lifecycle.

Key Highlights:

  1. Microsoft Teams Integration: Content Manager now supports private channels in Microsoft Teams integration. Private channels allow channel owners to add members and restrict access to posts and files, ensuring content security.
  2. Web Client Improvements: The web client interface has been enhanced for more efficient drag and drop of electronic documents. Users can easily create new records by dragging and dropping documents into the record list area or specific containers.
  3. Verify and Restore Compression: Content Manager now offers the option to verify and restore compressed documents. This feature prevents multiple compressions of the same document, ensuring accurate storage and retrieval.
  4. OpenText Brava and Blazon Integration: This release introduces OpenText Brava and Blazon technology to provide enhanced features in rendition, redaction, annotation, and viewing. Auto-redaction is now available within Content Manager, making it easier to protect sensitive information.
  5. OpenText Blazon Enterprise Server Integration: In the past, Content Manager used Objective Onstream for Long Term Storage (PDF) rendition. With version 23.4, it has transitioned to using OpenText Blazon Enterprise Server, improving document rendering capabilities.
  6. OpenText Brava for Redaction and Annotation: OpenText Brava replaces Objective Trapeze viewer for redaction, annotation, PDF, and image viewing. It eliminates the need to convert electronic documents to .tiff format, streamlining the redaction and annotation process for PDFs.

Content Manager 23.4 offers an array of effective features, making it an even more valuable tool for organisations looking to manage and secure their enterprise information effectively. Whether you’re in a regulated industry or a global organisation, this update enhances your ability to handle content from creation to disposal efficiently.

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