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As a software and services company focused exclusively on Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager), we work with our customers to improve their everyday use and experience with the system. Quite simply, our Content Manager software makes record keeping a breeze.

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Content Manager Software

kapish-intelligencebank-connector Kapish IntelligenceBank Connector
Integrate Content Manager with IntelligenceBank

kapish-explorer Kapish Explorer
Bring Content Manager into Windows Explorer

kapish-easy-link Kapish Easy Link
Create hyperlinks to your Content Manager records

go-trim goTRIM
A native Content Manager app for iPad, iPhone & Android devices

Micro Focus Content Manager icon Content Manager
Scalable enterprise document and records management solution

kapish-word-ad-in Kapish Word Add-In
Integrate Content Manager into MS Word

kapish-excell-ad-in Kapish Excel Add-In
Integrate Content Manager into MS Excel

Kapish Worfkflow Wizard Product Icon Kapish Workflow Wizard
Simplest Content Manager Workflow assistant

kapish-folder-wizard Kapish Folder Wizard
Automate compliant Content Manager folder structures

kapish-record-remover Kapish Record Remover
Remove unwanted Content Manager records

kapish-web-grid Kapish Web Grid
Publish Content Manager lists and documents via the web

kapish-pdf-wizard Kapish PDF Wizard
Convert Content Manager documents to PDF

kapish-automate Kapish AutoMate
Automatic task processing for Content Manager

kapish-pathway-integrator Kapish Pathway Integrator
Integrate Content Manager with Infor Pathway

build-your-own Build Your Own
Custom built software solutions for Content Manager


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