Today people are sufficiently mature at working in a fully electronic environment to utilise eLearning as a learning mode and achieve effective outcomes. Kapish offers a wide range of flexible eLearning for Micro Focus Content Manager that provides an economical, effective way to deliver consistent, up-to-date training to your organisation. It provides participants with a choice of study time and length, and the opportunity to revisit the training courses.

The same design philosophies are applied to the CM eLearning as to any delivery mode; it must be interactive to promote learning, and be easily transferable into the workplace. We solve learning obstacles and transform training into real workplace skills.

Kapish offers a fully developed library of CM eLearning courses covering 60 plus topics. These topics can be further customised to your CM configuration so your custom eLearning and performance solutions meet your unique organisational needs.

Many of our clients have a need for eLearning courses specific to their unique business practices and supporting specific business objectives. These projects are quoted after consultation on the exact requirements. Once the project is complete you may decide to upload it to your own system or fully manage your training through training seats on the eLearning platform.

Your eLearning program should be considered as part of a broader training model, which may include face to face training and workplace support for some staff. Appropriate, sustainable training models vary between organisations depending on the culture, resources and budget.

We work with you to provide the best possible solution within this framework. We pride ourselves in simple, affordable training solutions that will boost performance and skills.

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