Kapish Pathway Integration

Reduce duplication and increase data integrity

Integrate Content Manager and Infor Pathway

Featuring two unique modules, Kapish Pathway Integration synchronises content to ensure records are stored and managed correctly while minimising duplication. It provides a greater scope of information stored between your document management system and land information system in real-time, ensuring data integrity, governance and compliance.

Content Manager Connector 

  • Link directly to Pathway’s names and address register
  • Navigate from chosen files to the appropriate Pathway reference 
  • Create new customer requests and automatically populate Pathway 
  • Link to multiple instances of Content Manager 
  • View documents in Content Manager and Pathway 

GENCON Driver 

  • Create containers with pre-defined naming conventions 
  • Create and edit saved documents in Pathway
  • Link to metadata fields 
  • Search Content Manager from Pathway 
  • Access retention schedules, business classification schemes, security controls

Tech Talk

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Operating System

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Refer to the Product Brochure

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