Is your version of HP TRIM/ HP Records Manager looking a little old and tired? Do you need to upgrade to the latest version of Micro Focus Content Manager? Kapish can assist with your TRIM/ Records Manager upgrade, from planning to completion, at any or every stage of the project.

There are many advantages in upgrading your Content Manager system on a regular basis:

  • Product enhancements
  • New functionality
  • Better performance
  • More stability
  • Improved integration
  • A supported platform
  • Better support and more

The complexity of an upgradeĀ varies depending on a number of environmental factors to your organisation. Whatever your TRIM/ Records Manager/ Content Manager setup and configuration is, we will bring real benefits to your upgrade. Our staff have experience in a wide range of technical environments and have assisted clients in literally hundreds of upgrades.

We provide our client with experienced staff to plan and perform individual tasks or the complete process of an upgrade to ensure a successful and hassle-free Content Manager upgrade each and every time.

If you are planning an upgrade and would like to know more, contact us.

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