Off-the-shelf applications rarely address all your business requirements. That is why Kapish design and develop custom solutions to ensure you are always getting the best from Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager). We have skilled Consultants and Software Developers who can analyse your current processes and requirements to develop solutions which address your specific needs.

Custom Development Samples

Kapish perform a lot of custom development for our clients, taking full advantage of the Content Manager integrations and wealth of information contained in the records depository. Below are just a few of the custom developments that Kapish have designed.

Kapish Records Manager Action Tracking Reports

Report on Records Manager Actions in a simple and easy to use interface. Bring to life statistics in a huge array of report types and formats. The RM Action Tracking Report feature takes all the information from RM actions and procedures and formulates them into easy to understand and analyse reports and graphs.

KPIs are effortless with Kapish RM Action Tracking Reports, presenting Action statistics by Organisation, Groups, People, Action Types or Dates. Report in real-time on fundamental business processes and act on the information in a timely fashion.

Kapish Records Manager Project Management Tool

Need to create the same set of folders and documents as the backbone for all your new projects in RM? Want to easily assign the Project Team and Managers to this project structure with a few simple clicks? The Kapish Project Management Tool was custom designed especially to do just that.

The standard project folder structure is created for the user when they create the top-level Project folder, then the Kapish RM Project Management Tool goes to work and creates all the sub-folders and template documents within the project folder automatically.

Enforce naming conventions and apply security automatically to each and every corporate project folder with no additional work or effort for the end users. Another successful custom development by Kapish designed to meet a specific business need.

If you have a unique business process or requirement involving Content Manager (HP TRIM or HP Records Manager) that can’t be addressed with commercial off-the-shelf software, then Contact Kapish today to discuss a possible custom software development.

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