About Us

About Us

Kapish_Simon_JPAs a Tier 1 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Business Partner, Kapish aims to provide its customers with the best software, services and support for all versions of the Electronic Document and Records Management System, HPE Content Manager (formerly known as HP TRIM & HP Records Manager).

We help our customers overcome the everyday challenges associated with information governance and document / records management through software and services that improve the user experience and maximise return on investment. Focused exclusively on HPE CM, our extensive range of software solutions are designed to easily integrate into existing systems or be implemented as new solutions, enable projects to be delivered faster, more effectively and with a higher degree of success.

Whether you are looking to implement HPE Content Manager for the first time, extend the use or improve the uptake of your existing TRIM / Records Manager / Content Manager implementation or simply want some advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

No one understands HPE Content Manager like we do. We’ve built our name on it.

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