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As a software and services company focused exclusively on HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM), we work with our customers to improve their everyday use and experience with the system. Quite simply, our products and services for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) make record keeping a breeze.

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all-day inForum 2015
inForum 2015
Aug 30 – Sep 2 all-day
inForum 2015 @ Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) | Melbourne | Victoria | Australia
RIMPA are pleased to announce the release of the inForum 2015 conference program “Digital Dreams (not digital nightmares)”, to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), 30 August – 2 September. The digital information focused program...

hp-records-managerHP TRIM / HP Records Manager
Scalable enterprise document and records management solution

A native HP TRIM / HP RM app for iPad, iPhone & Android devices

kapish-explorerKapish Explorer
Bring HP TRIM / HP RM into Windows Explorer

kapish-word-ad-inKapish Word Add-In
Integrate HP TRIM / HP RM into Microsoft Word

kapish-easy-linkKapish Easy Link
Create hyperlinks to your HP TRIM / HP RM records

kapish-excell-ad-inKapish Excel Add-In
Integrate HP TRIM / HP RM into Microsoft Excel

kapish-lotus-notes-ad-inKapish Lotus Notes Add-In
Integrate Lotus Notes email with HP TRIM / HP RM

kapish-pathway-integratorKapish Pathway Integrator
Integrate HP TRIM / HP RM with Infor Pathway

kapish-proclaim-integratorKapish Proclaim Integrator
Integrate HP TRIM / HP RM with Proclaim (Property & Rating)

kapish-folder-wizardKapish Folder Wizard
Automate compliant HP TRIM / HP RM folder structures

kapish-record-removerKapish Record Remover
Remove unwanted HP TRIM / HP RM records

kapish-web-gridKapish Web Grid
Publish HP TRIM / HP RM lists and documents via the web

Kapish AutoMate
Automatic task processing for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager

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