What’s Next?

“What’s Next?” can apply to so many different things when looking toward the future. We’re in an industry that is faced with a constantly evolving environment, so how do we address this and the many challenges that lay ahead?

Can we learn from our successes and failures? How do we not only keep up but grow and flourish?… attend inForum 2014!

If you have to attend just one conference this year, make it RIMPA’s inForum: 7-10 September at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Check out for all the details, keynote speakers and how to register. And while you are at the conference, make sure you stop by the Kapish stand and say hi.


If you can’t get enough of Adelaide and the wealth of information and conferences being held there, then also have a look at 2014 Infor Public Sector User Forum “State of Change”.

The focus is on new and emerging technologies as well as the changing nature of our customer relationships. The Adelaide Convention Centre plays host again, this time 2-4 September. has the event highlights, agenda and registration details. At the conference Simon Driscoll will be flying the flag for Kapish, where he will be talking about all things HP TRIM and Infor Pathway.

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