What’s New in 9.2

This week saw the first release of Content Manager since the spin-merger of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) software business and Micro Focus. Having only been a few months since the completion of the merger, it was great to see an updated version of their Enterprise Content Management system software hit the marketplace.

We were lucky enough to get an early taste of what’s new in Micro Focus’ Content Manager 9.2.

Join us for a look at some of the exciting new features in CM 9.2.


What’s new in Content Manager 9.2?

With the spin-merger of HPE and Micro Focus we weren’t sure what was going to happen to the name of the product. Like all of you, we were waiting with anticipation to find out if another name change was coming. But thankfully, not much at all has changed in that regard. The product is keeping “Content Manager” and most of the HPE branding is still visible in version 9.2.

Content Manager 9.2 Splash Screen

Image 1:  Content Manager 9.2 Splash Screen

The splash screen, the desktop icon and most of the references to the product, still refer to it as “HPE Content Manager” with the only notable place where it has changed is in the application Title Bar. For now, it looks like the application name, “Content Manager” is staying and we can probably expect to see the Micro Focus rebranding in 2018.

Content Manager 9.2 Application Title Bar

Image 2: Content Manager 9.2 application Title Bar

Version 9.2 introduces support for Elasticsearch for document content indexing. Elasticsearch is a widely adopted and supported, open source search technology. New Content Manager instances will need to use Elasticsearch when document content indexing is required, however if IDOL is already in use then it is still supported. This capability has been introduced to increase flexibility in the product and allow it to be better suited to a number of varying implementation scenarios.

More information about Elasticsearch can be found at

Content Manager 9.2 Elasticsearch

Image 3: Content Manager 9.2 introduces support for Elasticsearch

Probably our favourite new feature in Content Manager 9.2 is that CM is now presented as a place when using the Open or Save As method in Microsoft Office applications. This should make the user experience a lot smoother when attempting to open or save a new record to CM 9.2 from an Office application.

Content Manager 9.2 Word and Excel Save As

Image 4:  Content Manager 9.2 Word and Excel Save As

Integration Options have been removed from the HPE Content Manager ribbon in the Office applications. Users can now set a default Record Type from Office applications, such as Word, Excel from the HPE Content Manager Options dialog, which is accessed from the File menu. If a default Record Type is defined, when a document is checked in, the default Record Type record entry from will be displayed.

Content Manager 9.2 Removal of Options Button

Image 5:  Content Manager 9.2 Removal of Options Button

System Administrator are going to love these next few new features, the first is called “Metadata Validation Rules”. This allows for the creation of complex metadata validation rules to be created using the Boolean logic of advanced searches. You input the error message you would like to display to the user when they create a record that does not meet your criterion. Then you set about configuring the validation rule with the selection and the exemption. Then you have the option of displaying the warning message only on for new records or on existing records that are edited.

Content Manager 9.2 Metadata Validation Rules

Image 6:  Content Manager 9.2 New Metadata Validation Rule

It was very simple to setup the New Metadata Validation Rules and the system is dynamic enough with the rules to turn on and off the option for ‘Only test for new items’. It looks like some very complex and powerful rules are going to be created with this new feature.

This is bound to help improve data entry quality and ensure consistency in Content Manager 9.2.

Content Manager 9.2 Metadata Validation Rules Warning Message

Image 7:  Content Manager 9.2 Example Validation Error Message

Next on the enhancement list for System Administrators is the “Email Address Assistant”. This displays a list of locations with duplicated email addresses. It doesn’t allow you to merge the Locations from this screen but all the ‘show’ items pertaining to that Location are available, allowing you to validate the Locations and which should become the primary Location.

This should prove a valuable tool for System Administrators to perform as part of their routine maintenance.

Content Manager 9.2 Email Address Assistant

Image 8:  Content Manager 9.2 Email Address Assistant

The next item isn’t a new feature, but a welcomed enhancement. Linked folders have been modified to include the ability to associate the Check In Style with a mail folder during the creation of the style.

Content Manager 9.2 Check In Styles set email Folder

Image 9:  Content Manager 9.2 Check In Styles Allow Selection of email Folder

New ECM Dimension allows for the capture of GPS coordinates in the metadata and then searching by a Location. It means it is possible to organise and take action based on Location.

This appears to be really beneficial for Local Councils to find Records that relate to specific Locations.

Content Manager 9.2 ECM Dimension

Image 10:  Content Manager 9.2 EDM Dimensions searching by Location

It seems Micro Focus are going to be placing as much importance on the Web Client as HPE used to. Content Manager 9.2 has an abundance of features and enhancements incorporated into this version of the Web Client. Here is a snippet of the standout features:

  • Web Client now supports editing MS Office documents in the browser using Office Server functionality.
  • Hierarchical Viewing. A drill down hierarchy is now available without losing the navigational context. A plus sign appears next to items that can be expanded to show the contained items (Records and Locations), up to 8 levels deep.
  • Search History. The search box at the top now retains a search history of previous searches so you can recall recent searches easily.
  • Continuous Scrolling for lists. Previous versions had (|< < 1 2 3 … 17 > >|) style CM 9.2 has continuous scrolling so when you get to the bottom of the list it automatically loads the next set of results. This allows you to navigate back to an earlier result without having to remember what page it was on.
  • Application File Type Icons. Where a record has an electronic file attached, the Record Type icon will be replaced with an associated application icon for known file types (e.g. MS Office, PDF etc.).
  • Sort by Additional Fields. Result lists can now be sorted by Additional Fields.
  • Properties Pane Redesign. The Properties pane that appears on the right-hand side of the window has been redesigned.
  • Navigation Tabs. Like the thick-client, navigation tabs have been introduced to allow for navigation between searches.
  • Viewer enhancement. It is possible to preview previous revisions.
  • Field Validation. Inline errors are displayed on fields when the input is not valid (e.g. a negative number in an integer field).
  • Revision Support. Document revisions can be viewed, promoted and deleted using the Web Client.
  • Content Manager 9.2 sees the support for Actions in the Web Client.

Content Manager 9.2 Web Client Changes

Image 11:  Content Manager 9.2 Example Web Client Changes

There are many more fixes and enhancements in Micro Focus Content Manager 9.2 but these are some of the highlights that Kapish thought you might like to know about. 

If you are planning a upgrade and need assistance, call Kapish on (03) 9017 4943 as we are always here to help guide you through a successful upgrade project. Or if you would prefer you can always email us and one of the Kapish Team will be in touch.

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