VERS Standard may change in 2014

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) is currently reviewing the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Standard. The VERS Standard is designed to assist Victorian Government agencies in
managing their electronic records.

the standard used for the management of electronic records in Victoria. Changes to the standard may impact customers running the HP TRIM VERS Module.

The PROV review aims to improve the VERS Standard by:

  • Making it simpler (and hence cheaper) to construct VERS objects
  • Making the Standard much shorter and easier to understand
  • Making the Standard more suitable for storing long term information within agencies

Project details are available on the PROV website here:

PROV are requesting feedback before March 1st 2014, so if you’ve got questions or concerns get in contact with:

Andrew Waugh (Senior Manager Standards and Policy)
T 03 9348 5724 | M 0407 262 417 | F 03 9348 5656
[email protected]

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