Updates coming to K365 Cloud

We’re constantly working to make your workspace management experience smoother and more efficient. We have some updates coming soon to K365 Cloud, that will bring new features!

New Functionality Highlights

  • Minimum and Maximum Owners enforced for a Service Instance – using our standard request form you will be able to set a minimum and maximum amount of Owners required per workspace.
  • Base group for Person or Group field – for any person or group columns, you will be able to specify a group of users that can be selected from. For example, for a Project Leader field, you may want to only have users from a specific department selected here.  
  • Multi Geo Location can be set on request form – if a customer uses Multi Geo, they will have the choice of setting the Mutli Geo location for each workspace rather than it defaulting to the user’s Preferred Data Location, as it does currently.  

Contact our team and book a demo with us for more information here.

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