The Kapish 365 Integrator has Arrived!

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Kapish 365 Integrator!

The Kapish 365 Integrator automatically captures documents from Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint Online) into Content Manager; applying the correct classification and retention rules to ensure compliant management of these records for their entire lifecycle.

Flexible Record Capture Options

You’ll love these flexible record capture options.

Product Features

· Manage single instance electronic documents in Microsoft 365 with compliance metadata automatically stored in CM

· Synchronise electronic documents from Microsoft 365 to CM with automatic retention of document revision history

· Automatically leave a shortcut in Microsoft 365 for easy reference when moving electronic documents from Microsoft 365 to CM

· Finalise the record in CM when archiving electronic documents from Microsoft 365 to CM

· Apply different Business Classifications and other configuration at multiple levels across Microsoft 365 including Sites, Channels, Folders and Subfolders

· Provide automatic archiving of deleted documents into CM to avoid compliance breaches from non-compliant document deletions in Microsoft 365

· Centralised Administration Portal for easy management

· Apply business rules in bulk across Microsoft 365, Sites, Channels, Folders or Subfolders

To learn more, head over to the Kapish 365 Integrator product page or contact us and register for our upcoming webinar.

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