How to Easily Share TRIM Documents Outside Your Organisation

As customer demand for access to corporate information grows, organisations are continually looking for new solutions to cater for this need.  How to share information from TRIM with external parties easily and securely is a common problem, with some organisations resorting to inefficient and costly solutions for transporting documents.  We live in an age of instant access on any device and we are pushed to evolve and innovate how we deliver information to the general public.

Brimbank City Council recently approached Kapish to solve this problem and in doing so received an efficient, secure and creative solution. 

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The Background:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has long been the ‘preferred’ solution at Brimbank City Council for transferring large files from HP TRIM to external parties, as it was a quick and cost effective alternative to mailing out USB drives and CD/DVDs via Australia Post. What the Council’s I.C.T. Department found with using FTP was that it required detailed instructions for staff to follow and wasn’t secure enough to be used for some documents. So they approached Kapish to devise a better solution for sharing TRIM records with external customers.


The Bright Idea:

While using another Kapish product (Kapish Easy Link), Brimbank City Council’s I.C.T Department had a bright idea…

“What if you could make a hyperlink of a document or container in TRIM and send that out to an external person to download!”

The idea seemed so simple yet potentially very effective for sharing large documents with external parties.  The Kapish developers set about designing and building a solution.


The Solution:

Using a simple method of right-clicking on a document or container and selecting ‘Send to External’, the Document Sharing solution generates a secure hyperlink to the records and copies the hyperlink to the Windows Clipboard.  The secure hyperlink can then be easily pasted into other documents or applications or sent in an email message. The solution was designed to meet Council’s specific security requirements, including requiring the end user to add an expiry date for the link, so documents would not endlessly be made available online.

The solution automatically updates additional fields transparently to the End User when a link is generated so Council can track who has generated links and when links were generated.


The Impact:

Due to Brimbank’s extensive use of HP TRIM / HP RM, the ‘Send to External’ solution has been well received by all Council staff as it has finally allowed an easy, secure and effective way to share large documents out of Council with the general public.

The ability to generate links to Documents and/or Containers, set download expiry limits and leverage HP TRIM / RM’s extensive Audit Tracking abilities, ensured that the solution met record keeping requirements while also being a simple, quick and easy process for Council’s End Users. Kapish, working together with I.C.T. staff members, have worked proactively to provide Brimbank City Council with a solution that has significantly improved the way the organisation shares its documents externally.


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