Removal of Support for HP TRIM 7.1x, Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft XP

In light of both HP’s removal of support for HP TRIM 7.1x on 31 March 2014, and Microsoft’s removal of support for Office 2003 and Windows XP on 8 April 2014, we will be aligning our support of the Kapish Product Suite with the HP TRIM and Microsoft Obsolescence Programs.

Any new Kapish product or product version released after 30 June 2014 will not be compatible for use with these applications. Clients operating in an environment where any of these applications are in use should remain on the Kapish product version outlined in the table below.

Upgrading to Kapish product versions not compatible for use with these applications will be at your own risk, as Kapish cannot guarantee the performance and functionality of any of its products within an unsupported environment.


Kapish Product Support Compatibility Matrix for use with HP TRIM 7.1x, Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP


Kapish Explorer 4.1.3 4.13.1059
Kapish Word Add-In 3.0 3.00.1126
Kapish Excel Add-In 3.0 3.00.1126
Kapish Easy Link 3.0.2 3.02.1103
Kapish Folder Wizard 3.0 3.00.1003
Kapish Record Remover 1.2 1.2.1009

Kapish will continue to support HP TRIM 7.2 and later versions (in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments) and Windows 7 (in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments, where applicable) for use with the Kapish Product Suite. Support for HP Records Manager, Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8 is being phased in gradually, as new products and product versions are released.


If you have any queries or would like to discuss Kapish’s efforts to align with the HP TRIM and Microsoft Obsolescence Programs, please do not hesitate to contact the Kapish Team.

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