Learn HP TRIM and HP Records Manager Online

If you’ve ever tried to arrange training for your staff, you’ll know that organising what days and times they are available to attend can be a logistical nightmare. Invariably once you find that perfect window, you then find that the training room or the trainer is unavailable and you have to start the process all over again!

Kapish offers a range of flexible eLearning solutions for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) that will solve all of these training planning problems in a cost-effective way while delivering consistent, up-to-date training to organisations of all sizes.

The e-Learning solutions offered by Kapish are delivered online through the internet, which allows users to complete the training in their own time and at their own pace. You can select from a range of standard courses, or you can choose to completely customise the topics to suit your organisational needs. The flexibility that this provides your organisation will allow you to easily provide the training that your staff require and will enable you to make it available without any delay.

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