Legal Terms

LeanIX Terms and Conditions

What do these LeanIX Terms and Conditions Cover?

The Services provided under these Terms and Conditions comprise certain services that are provided by or behalf of LeanIX and resold to Customer (i.e. the LeanIX Services) and other services to be provided by Kapish (i.e. the Kapish Services).
Where different terms apply to the Kapish Services and the LeanIX Services under these Terms and Conditions, the different terms applicable to the LeanIX Services are the terms on which those services are offered to Kapish for resale to its customers, as generally set by LeanIX for its own customers.

Subscription Services

  • Kapish will procure that the Customer is given access to use the Subscription Services during the Subscription Term in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Customer acknowledges that Kapish, as reseller of the Subscription Services, will engage LeanIX to provide the Subscription Services.

Support Services

  • Support Services means the applicable support services to be provided to the Customer under this Agreement, which will be based on the applicable Service Class specified on an Order Form, as described in the Support Services Document.

Evaluation and Beta Versions

  • To enable our customers, we release Products or other Licensed Materials in an evaluation or beta version to assist with evaluation.

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