Kapish welcomes strategy to protect sensitive government data

Kapish, a global leader in secure enterprise information management in complex environments, has welcomed the release of the Australian Government’s first official data strategy. Developed in consultation with private, research and not for profit sectors, the Australian Data Strategy sets a clear path for Australia’s data system over the next four years, complementing the Government’s broader digital strategies. With more than 20 years’ experience providing secure information and data management services, Kapish (a Citadel Group company) is ideally positioned to continue helping Government meet the stringent demands set by the new strategy.

The Government has stated that the first priority of the strategy’s Action Plan is ensuring robust security settings for Australian Government data, especially as part of the transition to the cloud – settings for which Kapish has been rigorously assessed and endorsed. Kapish recently recorded the dual achievements of ISO 27001 certification and PROTECTED level assessment by Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP), paving the way for government clients to accelerate their transition to secure cloud-based information management and record keeping in keeping with the data strategy. Kapish earned the stringent certification and assessment for Citadel IX, its secure cloud EDRMS and managed service for public sector and regulated enterprises. 

The means that new marquee clients regularly coming on board are resting easier thanks to the increased level of cloud security guaranteed by Kapish. The platform and managed service are already protecting more than 50,000 users at key organisations including NSW Crown Solicitor’s Office, Brisbane City Council and Victoria University, as well as multiple Royal Commissions. Citadel IX can be readily acquired through the key government panels, including the Digital Marketplace, Software Marketplace, eServices, QITC and MICTA/ICTA in Australia. 

As a result of continued customer success in Australia and New Zealand, software giant Micro Focus partnered with Citadel globally to bring their offering to enterprises with regulated data and complex content management needs.

The new Australian Data Strategy highlights cyber and information security as a mission-critical priority for Australia’s Federal Government. Cyber intrusions on government systems, critical infrastructure and other information networks are a real threat to Australia’s national interests, heightened by ransomware attacks being on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Citadel’s ISO 27001 certification and PROTECTED IRAP assessment provides strong assurance that its ICT systems and solutions meet the Government’s stringent cyber security standards – and underscores the company’s firm and long-standing commitment to keeping people and information safe.

Citadel Group CEO Mark McConnell said that although cloud-based technology has introduced exciting new ways of collaborating, that benefit comes with a myriad of challenges for privacy and security, particularly for sensitive government data. 

“Both the ISO 27001 certification and IRAP assessment are testament to the hard work and commitment of Kapish and the Citadel Group to bringing unparalleled security to our clients,” explains Mark. 

“To achieve the recognition, we addressed 119 processes for ISO and 850 processes for IRAP assessment. It’s a process that is incredibly complex and requires significant effort, but the rewards for our clients are worth it.” 

IRAP endorses individuals from the private and public sectors to provide cyber security assessment services to Australian governments. The PROTECTED level assessment means Kapish is immediately recognisable as having met the highest standards of security, as outlined by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). 

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