HP announce obsolescence for HP TRIM 7.3

Hewlett-Packard has published discontinuance information regarding HP TRIM 7.3x.  Please note that all HP TRIM 7.3x customers with active support contracts are eligible to upgrade to HP Records Manager 8.2x. HP Records Manager is the new name for HP TRIM since September 2013.  Please contact Kapish for more information about upgrading to HP Records Manager 8.2.

Please also note that the license/product structure for HP Records Manager has changed significantly, starting with version 8.1x. The new licensing model provides your organisation with more flexibility to add user seats with new user types. You will need to update your support contract in order to obtain the license keys for HP Records Manager 8.2x. Please contact Kapish for to initiate the support contract update.

Customers that upgrade to Records Manager 8.0x can continue to use their support contract. Only when they update to Records Manager 8.1x or 8.2x will they need a contract update in order to obtain the license keys.

Detailed information regarding this discontinuance can be found at:


Program Activity

September 1, 2015

External Obsolescence Announcement

November 1, 2015

Off-CPL or End of Sale

May 31, 2017

End of Support for HP TRIM 7.3x

May 31, 2019

End of Self-Help Support for HP TRIM 7.3x

HP TRIM 7 “Last Call Promotion”

HP TRIM Logo_200x200-LastChanceTo coincide with the End of Sale of HP TRIM 7.3, Kapish is offering some of the best prices ever on new license purchases.  These prices are only available for a limited time so you need to act quickly to secure this special pricing.  For more information, please refer to the Last Call promotion details on the Kapish website.




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