goTRIM 2.1 is here and it’s going further with HP RM8!

Kapish is proud to announce the release of goTRIM 2.1, the most advanced mobile HP TRIM interface available today. goTRIM 2.1 is packed full of features to make it faster, more secure and compatible with HP Records Manager 8 (HP RM8).

What’s new in goTRIM 2.1?

  • HP RM8 Compatible
    • Full support for HP Records Manager 8
  • Powerful Administrative Controls
    • Control your goTRIM experience to suit your users
    • Restrict access to specific record types, caveats or security levels
    • Disable record functionality such as Edit, Open In and Email
  • Improved Usability
    • New high resolution App and RM8 icons
    • Inline images display for emails and a configurable metadata screen
    • Improved PDF annotations
  • Document Check Out
    • Full support for document check in and out as they are edited
  • Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • Improved performance and bugs
  • Lots of other great new features including:
    • Disable Offline Records
    • Support String Searches
    • Ability to add Notes to Folders
    • Rename Offline Records
    • Support for Basic Authentication

For more information about goTRIM, please refer to the goTRIM page on our website.

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